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And, the story continues!

Jim Gordon stands trial; and Lieutenant Bard has an idea to stop the gang war. Should be fun times had by all!

The Good

After the fiasco of last issue; Batman: Eternal is back on track! (See last issue's review.) This issue did everything right, in balancing the multiple stories that were all happening at once in this issue; a major problem that last issue seemed to have. I really enjoyed how each story flowed seamlessly from one to the next, and I never felt lost while reading this action packed issue!

Bard; one of the heroes of this issue!
Bard; one of the heroes of this issue!

While multiple stories were happening all at once in this issue, Alfred and his daughter; Red Robin and Harper Row, and Batgirl and Red Hood searching for evidence to clear Gordon's name; Gordon and Lieutenant Bard were the main focus of this issue. I enjoyed how the two stories were different from one another, but added to the larger story. Lieutenant Bard is trying to stop the gang war that has erupted in Gotham City; while Gordon is dealing with the fact that he may or may not be a murderer. I like seeing how Bard is becoming the next Commissioner Gordon, and how the writers are setting him up like that. I assume once this all blows over that Bard will become the next Commissioner and Gordon will retire. It feels that way, because of how the writers are setting it up. It's really interesting to see Gordon at this low point in his life and questioning everything. The character development and how it's adding to the larger story is really interesting to witness; and how Gordon is basically giving up on life and Bard is taking it by the horns! In short, the writers did everything right with this issue, in making Gordon and Bard be at the center of this issue's story; and everything else revolve around it.

Mikel Janin's artwork was amazing! I liked his art style and how the colors, by Jeromy Cox, really complimented Janin's work.

The Bad

No complaints! Solid issue!

The Verdict

You should check this series out, if you are looking for a good (weekly) Batman series. 5 out of 5!

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