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Batman: Black & White # 6 Review – “It’s So Black and White, That It’s Forgettable


As I read this series it’s been a big disappointment. A lot of stories are unfinished and not very touching as the previous series. The last series had great stories that were touching, funny, action-packed with beautiful art. It’s what I was looking forward to in this volume when I heard the announcements and got the issues. The only issues I can remember being good is probably #1 and #5. Nothing stood out and sadly this issue ends the series as it stands a series with just good art instead of good stories.

The Good

The only good thing about this issue is the art in two short stories which were She Lies at Midnite by Adam Hughes and To Beat the Bat by Dave Johnson. They were the only good ones because they stood out with many different shades of black and white and very solid on the body structures of the characters. They both had their own styles that differentiate them from each other while the other artists in this issue looked very streamlined. Those artists looked like it was made from one artist instead of just many and some of it was inconsistence between good and bad art throughout the panels.

The Bad

I really didn’t like this issue because most the stories were about people dealing with Batman instead being about Batman. We had Sex in the City girls talking about how Bruce Wayne treated them and how they couldn’t deal with it, Robin telling us how people view him around Batman and a cowardly thug getting beat up by Batman while doing anything for the woman he wants. I got the constant theme of the stories. But there’s nothing touching about these stories. It’s just seems boring and uninteresting.


I give this issue a 2/4.5 out of 5/10 stars. It’s a very disappointing issue with boring stories. The only good thing was the art, and apparently that isn’t good enough for me. I value good stories more than good art because I feel we can get the same good art in the internet for free while good stories are harder to get unless it’s stolen. The constant main problem with this series was unfinished and never solved the mysteries like the Catwoman story by Adam Hughes in this issue. I’m really not the type of person that likes unfinished stories. So, if you like black and white art over anything then go ahead and get it. But if not then I suggest you stay away.

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