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I have to say, this was a very interesting story and an excellent transition from a cartoon character to a full fledged comic hero.
I was saddened by the death of Stalker and shriek  (which apparently happened off "screen"). I hope their deaths are not permanent, but if not I hope some good characters enter the fray to replace their spots as Terry's rogue gallery.
The art was quite excellent. They did a very good job on that.
My one annoyance (besides the death of the rogues) was the hair. For example, on the TV show (and comic previously) 
Barbara gordon's hair had become white (or grayish silver) to match her age. However, her hair color is red again. The same goes with Terry's mother, Mary McGinnis, and (with a little research) Tim Drake's wife hair (in her one other appearance, she had blond hair).
Other than that, It was clever plot and wonderful beginning. There is hope for the future for the animated series universe.


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