panelbomber's Batman Beyond #7 - Industrial Revolution Part Three: Bad for Business review

Finale of Industrial Revolution

The book opens up with Blight digging his radioactive fingernails into Batman's forehead. The fated reuniting of Terry McGinnis and the man behind his fathers murder, Derek Powers comes to a head in this issue. At first the issue appears to start off at this arcs climax and features Blight's cancer-inducing powers taking a tole on Batman as Powers verbally berates and blames him for his second job as a glow stick but it continues on to be a bit choppy. 
The beat-down is pretty brutal until it ends abruptly because of Blight's containment suit. This books is a reminder of why Blight can throw down with the best of all Batman villains because there is more to him than robbing banks and running a crew. His rage-fueled speech deepens how far Powers has fallen since his days after buying out Bruce Wayne's company. 
The rest of the issue attempts to further the branch stories that start to develop amongst supporting characters like Dana Tan and Max Gibson but the additions are distracting to Batman's struggle with Blight, and Bruce Wayne's first steps out of the Batcave since country kitchen buffet opened. 
Overall, there are too many breaks of story in this issue and it not only disjoints the struggles of the old and new Batman, but it does not add much to the side stories it highlights. Dana's brother has returned from prison and is brought home by police after taking a "wrong turn" in Gotham. Until this story develops further or connects to the main story, it just seems slightly irrelevant and the two pages that did appear in this issue could have been saved for a more more concentrated issue of sibling love. 
Max meets her cyber-stalker in two pages of horizontal panels that flow with a good deal of suspense and charisma. Unfortunately these two pages are all that this side story has in this issue despite not seeing any further development since issue 4. The whole book is then interrupted by a well drawn but cheesy Subway advertisement that takes up five pages where content and story could have been distributed to any of the four character stories this issue follows.
Despite the breaks, the rest of the issue is solid and both Batmen take the reigns and tackle the businessmen that are currently putting on the pressure. Blight and business is what this issue and arc is all about and it continues to show that Batman Beyond can compete with some of the titles that may have more comic history.

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