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The Rebirth Of Madness

The Story: 

Jeremiah Arkham has rebuilt Arkham Asylum from the designs of his uncle Amadeus. Things quickly get out of hand as Jeremiah begins to lose control. 

My Thoughts:

This story centers around Jeremiah Arkham and ties into the Battle For The Cowl story arc. It's written by David Hine who brilliantly crafts this story from start to finish focusing on the transformation of Jeremiah Arkham. He incorporates a variety of plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. It was fun to follow the story trying to keep up with all the deception that was occurring. 

In the beginning we're introduced to three unique and unstable characters who we're told are longtime patients of Jeremiah. Each has a distinct characteristic that defines them and catches your eye. In time we find out they're only figments of certain character's imagination, but they provided an intriguing story. It's almost too difficult to talk about this story without ruining what happened. I can say the outcome was phenomenal and something you surely won't want to miss if you're a huge Batman fan. 

The artwork was drawn by Jeremy Haun. The penciling, inking and coloring were terrific. It's darker tone was well suited for this story. They captured the madness and insanity of the Asylum and all its inmates. I loved the unique covers designed by Frazer Irving and Cliff Chiang. 

All Batman fans should enjoy this. It's a nice addition to the recent Batman mythos. It offers a more insightful look into the man housing Gotham's most insane criminals and poses the question of whether he or they are truly more insane. 

Rating: 5/5

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