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Bruce Wayne faces one of his greatest ordeals in a story very reminiscent of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil: Born Again, the first issue of which was released one month later that very year.

Seemingly overnight, Bruce Wayne is losing everything. Major investors are pressured into selling their stocks, nearly ruining Wayne Enterprises and draining Bruce Wayne's personal finances. Alfred suffers a stroke and falls into a coma. An impostor Batman in his own fraudulent Batmobile is robbing banks and causing property damage. Lucius Fox is forced to fire Wayne. An anonymous party has purchased Wayne Manor, and issued a restraining order against Bruce. Child protective services deems him an unfit guardian, and takes away Jason Todd.

With only the cash in his pocket, Bruce Wayne is homeless, and Batman soon finds himself seeking shelter in a church belfry and eating beans out of a can. As he tries to deduce who could be behind this ordeal, only one name comes to mind, a man whom Batman thought was finally dead. But who else could have pulled this off? Who else knows that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same? Who else is obsessed with Batman enough to dress like him and frame him for crimes? Who else has expertise with holographic and robotic technology? Who else, at point, posed and Bruce Wayne and nearly successfully drained his entire finances? Who else could strip Batman down to the bone?

Who else... but Professor Hugo Strange?

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