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Batman and Robin #9

So issue 9 starts off where Issue 8 left off.  Batwoman is dead and we learn that she died because she told Dick to give her excess morphine, knowing that the Lazarus Pit is behind the rubble.  I feel this was just a plot device, I don't think Dick would use the pit again, and I feel like her death was used just for shock value.  Back in Gotham we learn that the clone Batman can speak, although obviously not normally.  It's interesting to hear Damian openly mock Dick again, although not to his face, which I guess what leads into the next story arc.  Anyway Alfred and Damian, who's in a neck brace and wheel chair, work together to try to bring down this batman.  We get a peek into the cloned one's mind which basically everything is jumbled and almost feels like Bizarro world.  What's interesting is that it almost feels like this Batman's words are what Bruce would think but never say out loud.  Batwoman, obviously, is resurrected and Knight and Squire ask her questions, and Dick get's a way back to Gotham.  They both fight the cloned batman and easily win.  This issue ties up some things in the Batman universe, while opening doors for  new ones.  For the specifics I suggest you buy the book. 

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