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For those interested in a Bizarro Zombie Batman

So the Batman resurrection thing didn't quite work out like Dick hoped and we have a problem.  Batwoman is near death and this not Batman is on his way to his not home to see his not son.  And not for for family time.  While Batman, Knight and Squire tend to Batwoman, Alfred tries his best to protect Damian form this demented not Batman. It turns out Damian is as proficient in wheelchair combat as his father was after getting his back broken.  Their assault on not Batman is exciting and I always a treat  to see Alfred being resourceful in a skirmish.  I really enjoyed this twisted not Batman.  We learned of his origin in the last issue and in this one we really got to know him.  I'm gonna miss the crazy guy.  His broken Bizarro like language (took me back to All Star Superman # 5), his warped memories.  Reminds you that its a true understatement to say that Bruce has gone through a lot lot   Acirss the pond, Dick tries to , on Batwoman's suggestion, uses the Lazurus Pit foragood reason,  and things work out.  They make it back just in time to take on  not Batman. 
In the end, Dick explains that the whole thing was a mistake driven by good yet desperate intentions,but ultimate inspires a new resolution for his efforts to find Bruce Wayne.  This a great story,but not required reading.  I look forward to the next issue,but that is mainly due to Grant Morrison's amazing writing abilites.  Its worth a checking out if you like Batman or Morrisson   

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