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In Gibraltar, Bruce Wayne walks away from a number of unconscious man-bats as he recieves a phone call. The call is from a female celebrity that wants to hook up with him the next day. Bruce Wayne para-glides on top of a mountain where Jezebel is waiting for him. As they ski down the mountain, a man in a small, one-person helicopter is following them. Bruce sees the sun shine of something the man is holding and throws one of his ski poles at the copter. The pole causes the copter to crash. It turns out the man was just a paparazzo. Bruce replies, "Oops." At dinner with Jezebel, she says he looks sad. Bruce says it's simply because he had a long weekend. She tells him that he can talk to her. Her father was assassinated so she knows what it's like to lose your parents. Bruce tells her he lost them a long time ago and that he "got over it." The look in his eyes suggest otherwise.

In Gotham, a pimp named DeShawn is talking with some shady police officers. There seems to be some problem with his girls not coming back after being with them. Batman arrives and takes out the officers. He wants to have a "word" with DeShawn. One of the girls tells Batman that the officers are monsters. Batman tells them to take him to where the missing girls last went. In an abandoned building he finds the remains of a few street girls. In one room, there one is still alive but she is barely coherent. Behind him, stands a huge man dressed in a version of his Bat-suit. This reminds him of the other cop that had dressed up as him and shot the Joker in the face. This causes him to think of the files in the black casebook. The apparent steroid enhanced individual chases Batman and grabs him by the cape. He throws him out of a window and follows after him. As Batman runs the different angles and clues in his head, he tries to stay conscious until, "KRAKT." The big man walks away as Batman is left unconscious on the ground with a huge footprint on his back.

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