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Deadshot is back in Gotham! And he’s hot on the trail of his most dangerous quarry ever...a target so foul, so menacing...we can’t tell you who it is! Can Batman stop the DC Universe’s most fearsome assassin from turning Gotham City into a war zone?

Death-Wish for Two- Part 2 of 2

Batman attempts to catch David Cain who is falling to his apparent death, but Cain isn't making it easy. Cain has decided he wants to die and goes as far as shooting at Batman, who is free failing as well. Batman does save Cain, and demands that he tries to stay alive for Cassandra's sake.

Meanwhile, Deadshot, the man hired to kill Cain is tracking Cain and Batman down. he kills several officers on the way to the basement, where he knows Batman and Cain are heading.

Batman contacts Oracle, and demands a map of the sewers. Oracle abliges, but the path leads into an underground gun ring. While Batman is fighting gun welding mobsters, Cain makes a break for it. This leads to Cain coming face to face with Deadshot, for the second time.

This time Cain thinks about Cassandra and turns the table on Deadshot and shots him in the heart with his own gun. Batman saves Deadshot's life, and turns Cain into the Gotham Police.

Later Cain goes before the Grand Jury, but will still not reveal who hired him to kill Vesper Fairchild and frame Bruce Wayne. Deadshot's life is saved but he will have months of recovery ahead of him, a fact that makes Lawton say "damn"

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