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"Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington" part 1! The Dark Knight's alter ego Bruce Wayne must travel to Washington, D.C. to convince Congress to aid the beleaguered city's recovery efforts. But Nicholas Scratch and his netherworld henchmen have other plans.

Bruce Wayne, accompanied by Alfred, prepares to leave for Washington to plead for aid for Gotham. Elsewhere, Nick Scratch is ploting against Bruce and looking for something to use against him. He uses his influence to rally support against Gotham's rehabilitation. A prison transport bound for Blackgate is attacked where Sratch's men set Firefly free.

In Washington, Bruce prepares to address congress. The situation looks grim as polls show people are against rehabilitation with a huge opposition in congress as well. As Batman, he interrogates the senator to find his motivation. Scratch's men catch up to him where he escapes after a brief fight.

They report back to Scratch who is not pleased with their failure. Elsewhere, Firefly sets off to cause disruption as part of Scratch's plan. Before his address, Bruce meets with politicians to discuss the situation. As he steps out of the limo, a crowd of protesters against Gotham's rehabilitation greets him. Bruce makes his way to the capitol as Gotham's only hope for survival.

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