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Best Single Issue Joker Story Ever "The Jokers Five Way Revenge'

This is the reason I love Batman Comics. Neal Adams opening splash page brings you right into the Jokers world with him laughing maniacly looking purely evil. This comic reads noir thanks to one of Denny O'Neil's best stories ever and Neal Adams bringing the dark realism the Batman thrives in. The story is simplistic but very effective in its pacing and delivery.  Neal Adams gives us a full page of Batman running at the stories climax which is amazing. Every panel is amazing in this issue. Pure comic book storytelling at its best.   Although its my personal favorite Joker story,this gets my vote as possibly the best single issue Joker story ever. The Batman tries his best to stop the Joker. He constantly puts himself at risk to save the former members of Jokers gang only to save the last one. Joker at one point could have taken out the Batman then spares him. The final with the great white shark is tremoundously satisfying as the Joker thinks he and the shark resemble each other as the Batman rescues himself and Hooley the last of the Jokers henchmen.

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