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I've read a lot of comics this year(Superior Spider-Man,The Walking Dead,Justice League etc.) but nothing has been as extraordinary or amazing as Batman 24.The art was so spectacular,the script was so solid,and the little easter eggs and references were very surprising and rewarding.While this issue was the conclusion to the main Zero Year arc it also led into a new fantastic arc that I can't wait to read.SPOILERS Follow.

The Good:

This is only the beginning...
This is only the beginning...

One of the main reasons that made me love this issue so greatly was that before I read it I knew pretty much nothing about it besides the fact that it was a double sized new chapter in the battle between Bruce wayne and the Red Hood Gang.I didn't know that a famous place from the Batman mythos,ACE Chemicals,was going to be involved.I didn't know that there were going to be so many cool and neat little references and homages to other Batman stories.If I had known about any of these little parts of the big issue it probably would've lessened the impact a lot for me.But none of these things happened which is what made the issue so much more greater to me.This is a treasure for any Batman fan.From the beginning of this issue we get little nods to the Joker's "origin" in the famous Batman story "The Killing Joke" when one of the "red hoods" says that he got blackmailed into this and he has a family.We even got a great looking full splash homage to Batman's first appearance Detective Comics #27,which looked amazing by the way.From there we get to see Batman's very first adventure,which as luck would have it is fighting the Red Hood Gang at Ace Chemical.It is was great to see Batman in action,in full costume,and using so many different gadgets for the first time in Zero Year.Knowing the inevitable confrontation that the battle was heading towards made the Ace Chemical sequence of the issue so much better.And if that wasn't enough Snyder threw us a curveball by making us think that the leader of the Red Hood Gang had been the Joker the whole time but then afterwards, after the big fall into the acid vat,led us to believe that the red hood leader in this issue wasn't the same as the one in Batman 23.I also liked the nod to the Bob Kane era with the purple gloves.Nice one Snyder.It was great to see Bruce go from last issue's events to this issue's by embracing the public spotlight as Bruce Wayne as well as embracing his destiny as Batman as well as facing his first and main villain,The Joker.Even though this issue was the ending to the red hood arc of Zero Year it also led into a new arc involving another classic Batman villain,The Riddler,which I can't wait to read.

Does this look familiar?
Does this look familiar?

The Bad:

Nothing wrong with this issue.Pure perfection and one of the greatest Batman stories that I have ever read.

The Verdict:

In my opinion this issue was a complete masterpiece that topped my other favorite Batman stories like TDK Returns,The Killing Joke,Court Of Owls,and even Death of the Family.This issue really surprised me and has my vote for Comic Book of 2013.I can't wait to see what Snyder does next.

5/5 stars!!! Pick it up to read one of the greatest Batman stories ever!

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