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The BANE of the .1 issues.

The final .1 issue of the BATMAN title is here! Featuring none other than BANE! Written by Peter J. Tomasi with artwork by Graham Nolan.

The Good

Ugh, hmmm, I.I.....I.... *sigh* got nothing.

The Bad

Ssssssssure, whatever you say crazy person.
Ssssssssure, whatever you say crazy person.

Who doesn't enjoy Bane? He's the only person that successfully broke Batman and took claim to Gotham City. Sure, that was a long time ago and most continuity hasn't stayed, but still anyone that's heard of Bane has heard that he Broke Batman! However, this just feels and looks weird. Bane has a cult? Whaaaaat? Who are they? "The Followers of Venom?" Sounds stupid, right? Either way this story was just complete garbage.

I guess I was expecting a Bane from pre-New 52 era, that was on the Suicide Squad and was more tactical and hmmmm, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yes, HUMAN! However, now I realize that Bane in the New 52 era is a violent psychopath (again) unfortunately. I haven't been following the Forever Evil series, but I guess now I have a choice to make if I want to try it out or stray away from it. This Bane is not relatable and cruel; adding to Batman's long list of villains that are generic and cookie cutter. This entire story of Bane's mission to "get revenge" and "burn Gotham and Batman" has been done too many times recently. Especially in this BATMAN title.

I'm not saying now that Peter J. Tomasi is a bad writer, he's actually pretty awesome; especially with his work on the current Batman & Robin title (WOW). However, this was not some of his best work, let alone mediocre work. It's like he was just asked to write this story and was like, "oh, um, ok." And thus we have this garbage of a .1 issue.

Graham Nolan's artwork, what can I say? The art looks better in a G.I. Joe comic book than a Bane one-shot. I was thinking, "G.I. Bane against Batman and Gotham, trying to destroy the day....", it's not hating on Nolan's skills as an artist it's just the entire style and color scheme in this issue that made me think "hmm, Nolan would work better in a G.I. Joe comic book". Also, the design of Bane and his venom tank. It looks like he's going scuba diving. *facepalm*

The Verdict

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There are many .1 issues out there for the Forever Evil series spinoff, some of them (hopefully better than this one) and others equally or worse than this one, but that's all in my opinion. You may like a crazy Bane like this, I like a bit more sane tactical Bane. We have too many villains copying one another as it is, no need to add Bane to the list. Atlas, it looks like it's too late. Overall 1 out of 5.

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