Im trying to make ACTUAL BATMAN suit that can actually protect th

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@Troublemaker: Im working on a school project related to this so can you send me some info please i will be grateful if you do.

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I built a bullet proof bat suit. Don't listen to the haters

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Please email me at I have a question I need to ask in private

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Most what you need you can find on amazon... you can find d3o replacement plates to put inside a armor body suit, jacket and or pants. And for some batman utility belt you can go to army surplus stores online. And if you are worried that d3o and bulletproof jackets are not enough you can go on youtube and find homemade bulletproofing videos. I think it would cost you around $1000-$1500 to make a working suit. If it works let me know.

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@kansir said:

I built a bullet proof bat suit. Don't listen to the haters

show me then

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@minigunman123: I'm pretty sure ceramics are fundamentally brittle as all hell, and are awful at multi-hit protection. Ever seen the inside of a ceramic plate after a hit? It just shatters (not the whole plate, mind you, but a decent area around the bullet impact depending on the caliber), and the shattering is totally intentional. Ceramics are dangerous as stand-alone plates, and ceramic plates usually just have a steel backing. It's just not something I would use in a sort of "super-suit".

@troublemaker I don't even know if you're still pursuing this, but seeing as you planned to piece together your suit from commercially available components, I'm sure there are some new ones you might want to consider. Check out these two rather svelte vests from PPSS: 1. Great stab resistance and blunt trauma protection ( 2. Bullet resistance and some stab and cut resistance ( I know they don't look exciting, but they're good. 2016, and I still haven't seen anything on CNT armor, liquid armor, or spider-silk armor that isn't a scam. Also, right on with the D3O. I've been itching for Xion PG stunt gear just to wear around (haha) for a while, but it's expensive and I have no practical use for it other than, well, "spelunking". These gloves seem pretty good, though flashy: (

I know this is antithetical to your whole concept, but this ballistic plate is probably the best on the market if you're looking for something to stop anything. It's not too heavy, either: The company says they're working with CNTs, but I don't see any products of theirs including CNTs. Maybe in a few years? They also have this ballistic underwear that doesn't look too bad and kind of fits your objective:

As far as a Red Hood-like helmet, maybe the Devtac Ronin? It's essentially just an airsoft mask with some Kevlar slapped on though, so don't set expectations too high...but it still looks cool as shit: Its creator claims Level IIIA ballistic resistance though, so maybe it isn't too bad.

In any case, I think the U.S. Army will beat you or anyone else to the punch. The TALOS suit will be ready in 2018, with liquid armor, a powered exoskeleton, etc. There is a huge ongoing effort on this involving many research institutions, huge military-contract companies, etc. It sure as hell won't be in the hands of any police forces, at least for several years, so maybe there's your niche...but I wouldn't count on it.

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I tried to do something similar when I was 9 using papier mâché :D

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