What about Bart?

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With the new dc reboot there's been some shuffling of characters, most notably in the the batman comics.  The flash comics have also seen some role changes with barry allen keeping his reclaimed title of the flash and wally west back as a teenage kid flash.  My question for everyone is what do you think they'll do with bart allen?  will they keep his origin relativity unchanged? will they mix it up? what do you think

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Wally West isn't Kid Flash in the relaunch...it's Bart

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I don't think that they have conclusively stated that Kid Flash is Bart, but there is about a 90% chance that he is. Hopefully Bart will show up later.

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I'm pretty sure they stated that Kid Flash is Bart in Teen Titans.

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yah no Wally West this was covered in a thread not long ago

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I think bart is a better kid flash because he's a bit more childish.

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bart is kid flash in DCnU teen titans

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shouldn't CV delete seriously out of date threads?

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