Is the New 52 Barry the same as the pre-revamp Barry?

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In the end of Flashpoint...

Now my question is, would the Barry that we'll see on the new titles be the same as the pre-flashpoint one? Cause he was un-affected by the time alteration?
If so then does that mean he's the longest in continuity superhero we have in DC now? Cause he's also pre-crisis right? Being lost to the speedforce back in COIE means he was the one that was already existing prior to the crisis... Or am I wrong? Can anyone clear things up for me?
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After reading four months worth of DCnU, I think its safe to say that even though Barry had retained his memories post-flashpoint epilogue (when he gives Bruce the letter), he no longer has any memories of Flashpoint or pre-FP, so it's a completely new Barry.

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yeah he has no memory of the pre Flashpoint timeline...also Barry was affected by COIE...all of reality was affected by both events including the Speedforce

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@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

he no longer has any memories of Flashpoint or pre-FP, so it's a completely new Barry.


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