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If Barry Allen had the ability to travel through time, where should he go?

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He should stay in the present.
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crisis on infinite earths #11

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He should pick up life where he left off... during his retirement in the future before being drafted into Crisis on Infinite Earths.
That makes the most sense because that is his own personal timeline, that's when his wife missed him, and that's when his children were raised.  By letting Professor Zoom dictate when Barry returns and exists, he made his wife a widow for his entire absence, he left his children fatherless for their entire lives (and they die, having never been under his watch or tutelage- leaving their families behind), plus he creates a paradox by existing in a period that he knew that he didn't exist in when he was in the future (having known the whole history of Wally's career well enough to say he'd appear on Wally's three worst days).  There's no moral, logical, or practical reason for him to stay in the current present except that DC wants him to be there.
Speaking of time travel, we're given no reason why Zoom hasn't whisked Barry away to the end of time, strapped him to a futuristic hamster wheel, and left him there forced to generate Speed Force in perpetual loneliness and suffering.  We know Zoom has the motive- he wants Barry to suffer, but can't kill him because he needs Barry's Speed Force; we know Zoom has the means- he has the technology considering 21st century had the Cosmic Treadmill and the Rebirth restraint machine so by the 25th century it should be easily constructed, and the Force travels throughout time (see Jay, Johnny, and Max) meaning it's irrelevant when Barry is, Zoom can still benefit; we know Zoom has the opportunity- he can time travel at will and could have dragged Barry out of the Force at any point in history .
How does it may any sense at all for Zoom to let Barry live where's he's happiest, has the most allies and family ties?  How does Rebirth make any sense that a man who can visit the future to know how his plans work out and with more Force manipulation powers than the Flashes combined (he can play with Force connections, turn you into the Black Flash, remove your aura with a touch, turn you to bones and dust with a touch, etc. etc) lose?  It doesn't make sense because it's bad writing.

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To the past and stop himself from killing Thawne. His life was miserable after the incident.

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@Demas: Wow. That makes sense. Pretty interesting. How would DC create a story of Barry Allen in the future? It's obvious that Allen has been there, and Im not sure if DC would actually ponder any threats he would have to face in the future. I'm guessing since DC created this version of the Flash out of the Silver Age, they might just want to keep him in the present timeline.
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@Crimson Eagle said:

To the past and stop himself from killing Thawne. His life was miserable after the incident.

Totally agree.

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