Are Francis Manapul and Brian B, making the Flash more adaptable?

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Many of the writers who have written the Flash and Justice League say that writing the Flash is very difficult. He's so fast that it sometimes doesn't make a lot of sense for him to wait for his team mates to catch up and he can be written so powerfully that he can beat just about anyone without a sweat.

One of the coolest things about the Flash is his rogues gallery. It's filled with colorful villains. The only problem is that Flash has always been able to beat several of them at once with almost no problem. He should be able to just grab Captain Cold's, Weather Wizard's, and Heatwave's weapons without a second's notice, so if they do stand a chance against him, even as a group--it's probably P.I.S. That mean that it would be difficult to adapt Flash for a movie, since he doesn't have many villains who could sensibly give him a threat (other than Zoom).

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Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, the current creators on the Flash seem to be giving Barry Allen a tougher rogues gallery. So far they've introduced Mob Rule, who can be almost everywhere at once: something the Flash can't do.

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Issue 7 of the Flash, has an updated Captain Cold with what looks to be internalized powers. So the Flash can't just swipe his destructive weapon. As an ice elemental, he could find new--more believable ways--to beat Barry.

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Issue 8 of the Flash seems to have an updated version of the Top, named Turbine, who has a connection to the Speed Force, which means that he may be able to mess with Barry's powers.

What if these new villains team up with a few others like Weather Wizard and Mirror Master? Would the Flash have a real--believable-- run for his money?

Are these the Rogues who could make appearances in the Flash movie?

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I want Geoff Johns back on the book

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Loving the series so far

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To answer the main question, yes they are. And it's been awesome!

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Yes! They are awesome. But I have to say, Geoff Johns did a great job as well

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