What do people think of Baron Mordo?

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He's Dr. Strange's preeminent foil, why don't more people talk about him? Do you think he's cool or lame? Tell me your reasoning.

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#2 Posted by JediXMan (36740 posts) - - Show Bio

Dormammu is better known as Dr. Strange's worst enemy, or one of his worst.

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#3 Posted by Alton (165 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually Baron Mordu could be Strange's Moriarty if handled right in the movie.The real problem with the historic portrayal in the comics is his ego always trips him up when attempting to unseat Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.Dormanmu tends to be the Cosmic entity Strange has to deal with from time to time to get what he needs to defeat the Forces of Darkness including D himself..Basically Mordu has been dropped as a plot device for some time because he is usually relegated to be the main foil in the Strange origin story and only pops up from time to time.

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#4 Posted by Shiryu (7182 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but I agree with Alton. Mordo should be the villain in the first Doctor Strange movie. I don't think it would make sense yet to include a villain on Dormammu's scale yet. Let's wait to see how moviegoers receive Thanos first.

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