How did Barbie able to do it all

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Just out of curiosity how you would explain Barbie able to master all those carriers she had. If you are going make a good story with her how would you explain it all. I am talking about the barbie doll girls play to be exact. Go nuts

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@CATPANEXE: That would take biotechnologist if done by science. I look at wiki and she has not become doctor of it yet but she was a computer engineer so she may build the tech for it with supervision. She did pose as super girl. Oh my, one of them is krytonion. She posed as poison ivy I found evidence.

In magic she was a fairy, mermaid and she is princess of a magic castle. She princess of several things but who keeps track.

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@Hazlenaut: I worked at Toys R Us in the Barbie aisle for a year flat. Too the point I actually had more than one pink colored nightmares. It was cloning. (No seriously though, who knows how in her messed up continuity really. I used to think about stuff like this every night while I was working that job, lmao. She may actually be the TOAA of Barbie canon.)

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- She just lives off off Sugar Free Red Bull all day long to keep her impossible figure and all the variations are just hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation.

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