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Brief History

Barbie meeting the Man-Thing
Barbie meeting the Man-Thing
Barbara "Barbie" Bannister was born in wealth but did not care much for the dull life that came with her parents wealth. Her boredome brought her to using drugs. At this time, her parents took her away and sailed across the sea with Barb. On one of their trips to the shore, Barb met a man named John Kowalski. She soon fell in love with him and asked her parents if he could join them on their sail journey. Hessistand, the parents eventually agreed. It however soon turned out that John was part of a gang of pirates. They soon killed Barbie's parents and John and his pirate crew had their way with the young Barbie after that. Barbie was helt captive untill she could be killed and left in a nearby swamp. Barbie managed to break free and fled into the swamp. With John and his crew close behind her, Barbie met the Man-Thing. At first, the Man-Thing tried to persue her and hurt her (for the Man-Thing reacts to fear, and Barbie was terrified). Barbie soon found this out and managed to stear the Man-Thing to the crew of pirates that where chasing her. She found shelter in a nearby town with a local police chief and eventually, with help of the Man-Thing, managed to capture John and gave him to the authoritys. After this ordeal, Barbie was hardened and much more mature. She stayed in the small town and became an uneasy allie to the Man-Thing and started a romantic relationship with the town's sherif. Eventually Barbie became a partner to John Kowalski, another strange recident of the town whom himself was an undead agent of Death. In order to save her love she accepted John Kowalski's offer to become an undead agent of Death too. She became a superpowered being and managed to save her love. After this adventure, she was returned to her normal self by Doctor Strange. Barbie has not been seen since.

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