Off topic: Barbara spoofed in Saints Row the Third?

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This was just something that popped into my head while jerking around Steelport.

In game you have an allies (or homie) called Kinzie Kensington, a former FBI agent that has phenomenal levels of computer manipulation skills and ended up looking like this in promotional art.

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The spoofing part I suspect is coming from Kinzie's paranoia and agoraphobia (fear of crowds). The paranoia could be spoofing Barbabra's acceptance from the superhuman community (what she says is not up for debate), where as Kinzie comes off as slightly unhinged at times when she delivers the same kind of information (perhaps more reminiscent of the JLU Question). The agoraphobia of Kinzie (taken to the extreme when she hides under a diner table the only time you meet up with her outside of her home) might be a mean stab at Barbara physical inability to go where she pleases (considering the game was probably 97% done when Flashpoint struck), the comparison I draw here is Kinzie doesn't want to go certain place whereas Barabra simply can't.

So, what do you think?

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I think you're reading a little to much into this.

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