Four Biggest Ways DC's 'New 52' Changed 'Batgirl'

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Why do people complain so much about Babs regaining the movements of her legs? In a Universe where aliens walk among humans with technology that can destroy galaxies, people get cloned several times and heroes, once in a while, return from the deads' world (or some ghosts like Secret decide to show up) it's perfectly acceptable that Babs could walk and fight again.

Come on, if even in a fantasy fictional world disabled people can't dream to recover, it'd be extremely depressive, even unfair, don't you think?! I'm talking by personal experience.

I liked Oracle, but is it ok to have only one character representing all disabled people in the world? And let's be honest, she overcame a lot of things but she wasn't like Dare Devil, who's cool mostly because he's blind. She was the hacker everyone needed but no one wanted to be not exactly because she chose it, but because it was the only way she could still fight crime. the only way to be included in that universe.

She created the Birds of Prey and bla bla, but in the end she'd just keep waiting there, sit in her chair, till action was over and she could appear again through the pages. That's how it felt to me.

I'm glad she's walking again, in a new version of a younger Batgirl and I hope, someday, disabled people outside comic books will be able to do the same and LITERALLY move on with their lives.

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