Bane Takes a Swing

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What effect would 50 Bane punches (no venom and with venom) have on the following? (Bane's fists are made break proof by Q, but the actual strength of them remains the same.)

A) Conan

B) Thanos

C) Data

D) T-800

E) T-1000

F) Aquaman

G) Jabba the Hutt

H) Worf

I) Khan

J) Elite Predator

K) Simon Phoenix

Bonus Question: If Thanos and Aquaman are vanished away by Q, which of the 13 remaining individuals is physically strongest? Weakest?

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Only Worf and Conan get rocked and might go lights out.

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@mitran said:

A) Conan - Not sure.

B) Thanos - Absolutely no effect.

C) Data - Some effect. Not too much.

D) T-800 - Same as Data.

E) T-1000 - Little or no effect.

F) Aquaman - No effect.

G) Jabba the Hutt - I don't think there would be all that much effect. The fat is pretty tough, and there's actually a lot of really tough muscle underneath it.

H) Worf - Might get knocked out.

I) Khan - From Into Darkness? He might be bloody/bruised, but he'll still be standing and not anywhere close to unconcsious

J) Elite Predator - I don't think there would be any effect.

K) Simon Phoenix - No idea.

Bonus: No idea.


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Worf would definitely be knocked out, as far as I'm concerned. I've got to believe that, despite the high durability of Conan, Khan, and Phoenix, they'd also be knocked out (or at least in a ton of pain on the ground). I don't know much about predators, but I'm surprised that those who responded believed that an Elite Predator would tank 50 Bane hits. There wouldn't even be any blood or anything?

My guesses for the bonus question: Not sure how strong Hutts are, so I'm not considering Jabba, but my strongest would either be a terminator or Data, and my weakest would be Worf or Simon Phoenix.

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What are some of Bane's best strength feats?

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@mitran: Khan was nearly beat to death by Spock and Banes strength feats are definitely superior to Spocks.

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I don't know about most of these, but I'm pretty sure Bane can take Predator, Jabba, and Conan, in the situation provided. I'm not a Trekkie but can Khan really completely withstand 50 Bane punches with Venom?

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No way. Khan isn't that durable. Spock took him down in the movie. What has Bane done on venom?

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@johnnyz256: He broke Batman's back, and Killer Croc's arm, and can bend steel girders.

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I think that if Bane can bend steel girders while on venom, nobody on the list except for the artificial beings, Thanos, and Aquaman will avoid being knocked out.

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Seriously, why are Aquaman and Thanos even questions in this thread?

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