A possible portrayal of Venom in The Dark Knight Rises

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First off, I would like to thank Edamame for this inspired interpretation of the mask worn by Bane in TDKR:  
"I think that Bane will inhale an aerosolized form of Venom through the tubes in his mask, as opposed to having a liquid drug injected into his brain. "     
After reading this, my mind started to contemplate how well Venom could mesh within the Nolanverse. Nolan & Co. wouldn't avoid high-flying child aerialists and acid-spewing lapel flowers just to depict an overly-muscled, super-steroids taking genius.  
And then I got to thinking about the themes of the first two films: Fear; in Batman Begins, Bruce undertakes a journey to overcome his childhood fears and traumas in order to free his city from the grips of organized crime, in The Dark Knight, Batman struggles to maintain his resolve against the unprecedented chaos of the Joker and his ungrateful whining of Gothamites. For the third film, Batman would have to face his ultimate fear, an enemy who knew his weaknesses and, unlike the Joker, only desires his downfall. If Bane is the sponsored champion of the League of Shadows, Batman's replacement, perhaps he's the agent charged with finishing the attempt to sack Gotham in Begins, someone who sees him as a formidable foe and seeks to prove his mettle by defeating him.  
Now for the Venom: the League of Shadows used an aerosol derived from a strange flower to heighten the fear of its users.  Such a drug, in theory, would boost the adrenaline of a person who's conditioned himself to overcome their fears without causing catatonia due to the hallucinatons. What if the unnamed scientist in the TDKR has modified the gas so that, instead of immobilizing users, enraged them to the point of near-lucid, animalistic aggression? Ra's al Ghul's way of adding a little venom to his prime agent, right?  I can already hear the PCP jokes, though..... 
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I wouldn't doubt this is what happens....at all. The theme of this movie (from the poster and trailer) with the Bat symbol image appearing out of the crumbling Gotham skyline, seems to be destruction.....maybe Gothams immanent destruction.
I'd love to hear your idea on how Catwoman fits in, originally I thought she was going to be Batman successor from the League of Shadows, like what you said about Bane, but I'm thinking your theory makes a whole lot more sense
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@cattlebattle: Well this is Christopher Nolan. He isn't going to follow one story arc. He's just going to add some stuff from the comics hopefully the part where Bane breaks Batman cuz I would love to see that and kknowing 
Nolan he will find a way to make Catwoman fit in. He will probably make her one of Ra's al Ghul top assassins.
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Meh.... I envision Catwoman as a rogue element in The Dark Knight Rises.
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the only problem is... if they want to stay true to the source, Bane is supposed to be in complete control of himself while using venom. So he can't go completely enraged on it.  
also, bane ends up working alongside Batman, do you think that could happen in the film with the whole Catwoman plot?

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True, but perhaps Bane has conditioned himself to maintain reason after dosing himself. That's plausible, correct? According to his Comicvine profile, Bane has trained his body to not feel fatigue after sleep or prolonged activity. And considering the trailer... no, I don't think Bane will end up siding with Batman.
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Also, the film incarnation of Venom could serve as the extra push for the inmates of Arkham Asylum to start a city-wide riot similar in scope to Knightfall.

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