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Azrael's old uniform has identified him as the alleged murderer of a U.S. Senator, so armed with a new costume developed and supplied by the Dark Knight, Azrael must abandon his former abilities and find a hoped-for strength from within!

Azrael becomes an Agent of the Bat.

Batman has his hands full on saving Gotham so he asks help from Jean Paul in dealing with Nicholas Scratch. Having been framed for murder, Batman brings him a new costume. Azrael tracks a lead on Scratch's men to his former colleague, Dr. Curt Lade. At the same time, Scratch makes a move to eliminate him.

On his way to talk to Dr. Lade, Azrael is seen by one of the locals and is quickly recognized as the senator's killer. A party of four men attacks him at the doctor's residence. Soon after, Scratch's men are on the scene as well. They set fire to the house after knocking Azrael unconscious.

Azrael wakes up and manages to save everyone but finds Dr. Lade missing. His costume burns along with the house. After much thought, he decides to don the new costume Batman gave him and continue his mission.

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