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Is This The End For Axe Cop?

The final issue of Bad Guy Earth is here. Will this live up to the other two issues? What will the ending bring us?

The Good 

This being the third issue, you know to expect the unexpected and the absurd. That still doesn't prepare you for the random events that occur. Right away I snickered out loud reading about the woman riding a gorilla riding a lion. Think about that. Something like that can only come from the imaginative mind of six year old writer, Malachai Nicolle.

To save the universe after the bad guys turned Earth into Bad Guy Earth, there has to be a battle. You could imagine how crazy that battle must be. Then again, maybe it can't be imagine and simply has to be seen. There will be some changes. Things might not go as smoothly as you might think. In past stories we've seen Dinosaur Soldier undergo some changes. We haven't really seen any in this story...until now. 

The end of the story doesn't necessarily mean the end for Axe Cop. This is clearly a three-issue arc that can be read over and over. I've been amazed that all the random events and plot lines could fit together and make sense in a weird sort of way. It's felt as if someone took a bunch of words and ideas, threw them in a hat and pulled out random combinations. The fun in reading Axe Cop is you don't know what to expect. With each panel, the limits are pushed further and further.

The Bad 

The main problem is this is the final issue. Now that this series has helped Axe Cop to get more recognition, hopefully we will soon see more.

It feels a little weird critiquing the story elements here but there was a point in the battle where it almost felt like it dragged on a little bit, just to fill up the pages. They were extremely entertaining pages full of more crazy random happenings but it also felt like there was more death than usual. 

The Verdict

 Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth has been a blast. Each page and panel has been filled with absurd and hilarious shenanigans. The comic accomplishes what it sets out to do. We get crazy events that happen one after the other. It might feel a little forced at times but that doesn't take away the fact that they are hilarious. It's a bummer that this was only a three-issue arc but that might be for the best. There were tiny moments in this issue where it felt the crazy things were happening just to fill up a couple more pages. I do hope we see more Axe Cop and the other characters seen here. Each issue has been a refreshing and entertaining read. I wish we had more fun comics like this on the stands.

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