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Another Two Good Fights

This in my opinion is one of the best things to come out of AvX series and by far the best tie-in (although being the main tie-in it should be). The fist story has brilliant art from Yu and I am happy Fraction was writing as now he's writing the Hawkeye character and doing a good job, it's nice that he's still in control. The second story also has lovely art this time from Raney and is well written by Aaron who has had a lot of experience in the X-Men world over the last few years.

Hawkey vs. Angel: Really good fight here and a great choice of people too square off against each other. We some really good fighting and yet again some "fun" facts which are a nice touch to what in this case is mostly artwork. Angel also has Psylocke with him, but she doesn't really help. We also see how Hawkeye doesn't mind fighting dirty to try and win. I won't spoil who wins and the same with the next fight.

Black Panther vs. Storm: I was really looking forward to reading this and it was probably the better of the two fights. We see the two recently split up couple go head to head against each other with Storm using lightning against Panther who being insulated fires it right back at her. They both realise what could have been if they stayed together and what might have happened if they ad children (although this one they differ on opinions). We also see a moment were the two share a kiss in the heat of the moment before rapping up the battle.

These were two really good fights with the second being possibly the most interesting one in the series so far. They both had amazing art and although one had more dialogue than the other they both had the right feel for their respective stories.

Final verdict. If I would recommend any series that ties into the AvX series it would be this. It is a very fun series and it will make even haters of the overall series like this series.

Rating: 4/5

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