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This Title Is Superior To Superior

This is a very short review. Just putting it out there. Anyways, i love spider-man, and though i personally don't Rage about slott since i know the change is only temporary(as many other things in comics), i still wanted to give this a chance, since i just didn't like superior. and i've got to say, this is way better than superior spider-man.

i've always liked Yost, he is a very underrated writer, and a very talented one. his writing is very good, and fun at the same time. First things first, i love the way he writes the new spider-man, he is arrogant, and a big ass dick, and for some reason, right now i really want peter back, so he could have yost writing Him instead of ock, but still, since were stuck with this, i am willing to accept it, thats how much the writing rocks!

now, one of the thing i wanted to mention is the fact that Yost has plans of his own, meaning that it does not rely on Slotts superior spider-man , and it has it's separate feel, there are a lot of mysteries in the book, hints of a grand scheme! which is fantastic( i feel that this word would have worked better with the previous issue XD)

But spider-man isn't the only guy who is awesomely portrayed , each of the gust starts are equally written as they should be! Thor was amazing in this issue, he was arrogant, brutish, but all the same he was a true hero, who would of course risk and sacrifice his life for others!

And Electro going against thor made sense! there was no PIS, just an actual reason that Elextro could have gone against thor!

And as for the art, it was amazing, the characters were very well drawn, and the Colors mixed awesomely with it!

I would definitely reccomend this over superior, it is amazing!( again with The pun!)

Recommendation: HAVE AT THEE!

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