Who is your favorite writer for the Avengers?

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OK, guys, what I've wanted to get across is who is your favorite writer to write on Avengers in all its' series over its' many years in the industry? It could mean anything from how characters were done, storylines, etc. 
I guess I'm asking this because I keep thinking on how cool Geoff Johns' short run was, yet how it seemed contradictory with Cap thinking the Avengers strove for perfection when they are just as human as anything, as well as his showinf they made way too many mistakes in the long run, even with the trust the world had for them. 
To me, I got 2 favorite writers who have worked on Avengers. Kurt Busiek is one, given he took the Avengers following the events of Heroes Reborn: The Return, and accelerated them into the future, by keeping us in mind of the past, yet also focusing on the present, and providing a clear idea of the future. He even had one of the best Avengers story arcs when he wrote "The Kang Dynasty". I mean, lots of action, great followthrough on all the story threads he worked on, and almost every single Avenger aiding in a battle against Kang, but many other enemies too. Kurt basically was the god of the Avengers when he worked on it. 
And my other choice is Brian Michael Bendis. Say what you will, but I felt bad for the things that happened to the Avengers when Wanda lost control of her powers and attacked them. Facing all of their mistakes and deadliest threats, seeing the death of three different Avengers and the dissolution of their ranks at the end of Disassembled was nuts. Plus Bendis managed to bring the Avengers up to new levels and improved lesser-known characters when he included them in New Avengers and Mightyt Avengers, even showing some sense of humanity, yet insanity, during his Dark Reign stories with Norman and the Dark Avengers. 
Plus he's kicked the Avengers back into high gear with his first arc on Volume 4, with the Avengers facing time's hemmorages as well as Kang, Immortus, and Ultron appearing in it. 
I ask this, not just as a fan of comics, but as a bit of a small time writer myself. I feel the key elements of writing characters comes from also the love you have, and trying to show a different side of things, in spite of what others will think about you. But you also need research, to balance it out. Never an easy task in the industry I'm sure, but whatcha gonna do?
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Millar/Hitch, bendis, stern, Busiek and Englehart. That is all. 
Oh and Austen......just kidding. 
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I'll say Bob Harras. Usually when people reference his run, they're just cursing those damned team jackets. But I really liked what that run had going on. The Brethren, Operation: Galactic Storm: the Gatherers. There was a nice variety of big threats, but the whole run was also grounded really well in what was going on in the lives of the characters with the Sersi/Black Knight/Crystal/Quicksilver love... trapezoid and other things. I liked that it had an unconventional Avengers lineup too without it not feeling like the Avengers still. There was also a sense of professionalism to how Harras wrote the team. It wasn't just big battles and drama. You regularly saw them doing the grunt work of organizing, investigating and sorting out tactics. He covered all the bases and made the team seem very three dimensional. ...Note: I didn't read it all the way into the Crossing, so I don't count anything about it in what I'm saying. I stopped reading shortly after Black Knight and Sersi left. 
And you know what? I'll say Brian Michael Bendis too. I may not be down with every little thing he's done, but I generally have really enjoyed what he's done with the Avengers. He puts a lot of focus on the characters, which I like. Okay, not all of the characters. He does tend to focus on a few at a time, but honestly, that's more than I've seen a lot of other writers do with team books. I like how he has elevated Luke Cage and Spider-Woman. He brought Mockingbird back and made me care that he did. The character arc he did with Ares was awesome. I'm probably more invested and interested in his Avengers run than I have been about any other writer's Avengers run in the past.

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Not Bendis.

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I really loved the Red Zone arc by Geoff Johns, and Bendis because of Dissassembled, and New Avengers

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@Enzeru said:

Not Bendis.


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