Where Is This Cover Originally From?

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Hi Everyone.

In the U.K. we have a monthly reprint series of Avengers comics called Avengers Assemble, and issue 6, from June 2012 looked like this.

And the American series, also called Avengers Assemble, issue 10, from December 2012, looks like this.

I can't imagine the British reprint comic would have had access to this image first, but I can't find where it comes from originally. It's not the cover of any of the comics printed inside, so I can't work out where it came from. I'd be interested to know which colour Hulk was used first too.

Does anyone know?


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Never mind, I've found out it was the variant cover for Avengers(Vol4) #9, and it was Red Hulk that was on it.

Is this a common thing, covers being reused?

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seems more like a Greg Land thing to me.

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@dangallant984:Turns out you're right. It lists him and Frank D'Armata as the cover artist, so I'm guessing Frank D'Armata was the one who recoloured it.

It suits the issue well though. I wonder if covers get re-used often.

#5 Posted by dangallant984 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

I think usually just for reprints, foreign exports or what have you. I think here in Canada we just get the same printings as the states.

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