What was you favorite episodes of Avengers: EMH in season 1 and 2

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As you know, this awesome series is being cancelled (which is BS). So what was your favorite episode of both season 1 and 2?

For me, season 1, I enjoyed the story arc when they faced Kang the Conqueror in the episodes, "The Kang Dynasty", "The Tomorrow Man, and "Come the Conqueror". It was pretty awesome seeing Kang, a classic villain of the avengers and seeing him in a avengers sequel would be awesome.

In season 2, I like the "New Avengers" episode. I am a big fan of the New Avengers comics, and seeing spidey become an avenger was sweet. I also like the "Operation Galactic Storm" episode. Seeing the avengers in space was awesome, and black panther sacrificing himself to stop the wormhole from destroying the sun was powerful.

(Of course, black panther doesn't die, he is alive in the next episode, "Live Kree or die hard".

What was your favorite episodes of season 1 and 2?

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No one?

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To Steal an Ant-Man. Best episode, imo.

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Really any episode with Hawkeye.

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The Graviton episode was cool.

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@FearTheLiving said:

Really any episode with Hawkeye.

"High Five"

Plus Wasp. Wasp was freakin amazing in this series.

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