The Avengers confuse me

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There are the Avengers, the New Avengers, Avengers 1959, how are they related? Also is the New Avengers basically uniting the entire Marvel universe?

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  • The Avengers are the Avengers. That's it.
  • The New Avengers started out as the replacement for the Avengers after the events of Disassembled. Now, they don't really serve a purpose at all, and can/should be ignored.
  • Avengers 1959 is a group that Nick Fury started back in (take a guess) 1959, and don't matter in the slightest currently.
  • The Young Avengers are a team of teen superheroes that take inspiration from the Avengers, and really have no associations with the Avengers other than that.
  • The Secret Avengers is basically a black-ops team that, again, really have no relation to the main Avengers team.
  • The Dark Avengers are a team of villains that Norman Osborn dolled up to make the Avengers look bad.
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You know if you read the first few senses on each of the wiki's here I'd doubt you'd have these questions.


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