Scarlet Witch: Heroine, Villainess or somewhere in bewteen?

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Being a old time reader to the Avengers, I prefer a heroine. I'm a old school lover of the hex. As soon as the whole magic thing started the character at first was interesting, but quickly went down hill. Now this whole new reality warp power is for the birds.

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I love the current character. I love how unstable she is, I loved Avengers Disassembled and House of M was on par with Age of Apocalypse and Days of Future Past. Back in the day they had her doing some weak #@!$ like keeping Wonder Man alive be loving him. Not now, now you don't know what she can and will do. Good job Marvel.

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Does "confused" count as somewhere in between?

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Wanda is great. Bring her back!!!

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I also like Avengers Disassembled and House of M, and I know it messed with a lot of people's Wanda the Hero, so I can understand why they are upset. But she never has been completely stable. I mean, how many times has her mind been messed with? To me it wasn't that big of a leap.

But I can still understand why a lot of people got upset.

Anyway, right now Marvel has her on the sidelines because they've written her into the "Dark Phoenix" trap. When Dark Phoenix first appeared, she ate a star of a populated solar system killing 6 billion sentient aliens. Originally, Claremont and Bryne had it mapped out that the X-Men would lose the big battle with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and Jean Grey would have her powers removed. She and Cyclops would retire to raise a family, etc.

(This is the alternate storyline fed into Days of Future past that Rachel Summers-Grey came from.)

Jim Shooter, the editor at the time, said (and I paraphrase) "A mass murder of six billion doesn't get to just walk away."

So Jean Grey/Phoenix committed suicide, creating one of the most well known and beautiful story arc's Marvel has ever created (until the retconned the entire thing and made it meaningless).

Wanda is now in the same boat. She has done something so horrible Marvel is going to have to have her do something drastically self-sacrificing to redeem herself before she can become a hero again.

I have no problems with Wanda becoming a hero again, as long as this happens. And she gets verbally smacked around a bit by someone who morals she can't question (like Thor or Steve, a couple years he should be ready to come back from the dead), and who won't sleep with her (like Clint) or be too scared to confront her (like Hank). Wanda didn't do this, as she keeps telling herself and everyone, to "solve the mutant problem". She did this to get back at Daddy and in doing so she became worse than her father ever was for far more selfish reasons.

Someone needs to slap her upside the head with that cold hard fact.

And I want a ringside seat.
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