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1. Captain America (the perfect leader without doubt)

2. Iron Man (because they need money and brains)

3. Carol Danvers (as Miss Marvel at my preference)

4. Hawkeye (skillful as hell)

5. Black Widow (the perfect spy)

6. Spider-Man (perfect skill and perfect lines, another true hero)


8. Wolverine (too awesome to be out of the team)

9. Hercules (also a god)

10. Spider-Woman (perfect option from all sides)

11. Daredevil (no need to say anything)

12. She-Hulk (because we need a Hulk and she's the only Hulk breaking the 4th wall)

13. Falcon (loyal and skillful)

14. Luke Cage (simply awesome)

15. Emma Frost (the perfect psychic)

16. Winter Soldier (not necessarily)

And of course............................................


Backup, if they need:

1. Fantastic Four

2. Black Panther

3. Namor (if he's not too angry again)

4. Dr. Strange

Honorable mentions:

1. Vision

2. Scarlet Witch

3. Valkryrie

4. Storm (although I love her, I think she's better with the X-Men)

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  1. Captain America
  2. Iron Man
  3. Thor
  4. Hulk
  5. Hawkeye
  6. Captain Marvel
  7. Black Panther
  8. Scarlet Witch

I like this team

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I sort of like the idea that the Avengers are one big organization, but with different squads for different missions. I think at this point, and for the sake of having some consistency, I would relegate the founding members to the role of support characters; they would be the core of the organization and would move between the teams as needed, but not be the leaders or main characters of either squad.

the founding members as the backbone of the team

Uncanny Avengers

I'm really digging this team right now, and I would keep Cap', Thor, and Wasp on that squad to keep the balance of traditional Avengers, as well as all the great historical contexts this current line up can be tied to. I know the conceit is that this is the team that deals with mutant related stuff, but it's also a group of characters with ties to a broader spectrum of the MU, and it's history, than we've really seen before.

This is a team that has the potential to expose some of the great connections that can exist within the MU's diverse mythologies, many that haven't really been explored too their true potential. It develops a context that encompasses previously disparate histories, and I think it should definitely be the public face of the Avengers for that very reason.

The Avengers

On the other hand, I think there's more than enough established Avengers to justify having another team which wouldn't need as much support from the founding members to be recognized as the main Avengers. This would be Captain Marvel's team, and though it would be supported by Tony Stark (and at times feature Pym, Banner, Reed Richards or T'Challa) it would feature none of the founders in it's active membership, and would be more to interact with more of the reserve membership.

This could be the team that could feature and interact with some of newer or less established characters in the MU, as well as cover a range of different threats; from high concept superhero with Ironman and the like, to more espionage based stuff with Black Widow or SHIELD, or even to more street level stuff like helping out Dare-Devil or Powerman.

And I like there being a team that doesn't have to dip into the original membership (or the X-men) to still work as both a classic lineup and a forward moving version of the Avengers.

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Scarlet witch



Black panther


Carol Danvers

Captain americ

Iron man

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My perfect Avengers would be:

Captain America

Iron Man



Lady Sif

Nova (Rider)




Iron Fist

Scarlet Witch


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barrack Obama

walter bishop (from fringe)



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rock, paper and scissors.

unstoppable team.

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