New Avengers Part 1 - Past and Futrue(Spoilers)

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In the New Avengers series that is written by Mr. Hickman we see that the Illuminati is up to some serious stuff but the thing is what happen in the first issue we see a possible look in the future for the Illuminati and what they might face in the future those who have not read this series should because I am going to talk about the things that happen so far in they series. These opponents are called Incursions to which they try or do destroy a planet..


The Frist thing that I should talk about is the visions that happen in the first issue. We see then Illuminati going up against some strange opponents. Then first thing that I notice is what there up against , if you have read the series you should able to recognize two or maybe three of the pictures in the visions .


If you don't know what I am talking about let help you out a little. The first of the opponents that we look at are the Black Priest that are introduce in New Avenger issue 5 we see what the Black Priest are all about. Then we look at New Avengers issue 6 we see another opponent in the visions we see what are called the Mapmakers.

So the what I am wonder are a few things one of the of them is the other two pictures in the visions one of them looks like superheroes going against Namor but these heroes look like the Squadron Supreme form another Universe. This could be connect to the Avengers series by Hickman where we see Hyperion planet getting destroy by another planet .So I came up with a couple of theories.

1-These Incursions are different form one other because of there "color"(Mapmakers blue and Black Priest red) and what is leading them to do this.

2-The planet that Hyperion was in was destroy by an Incursion which later on survived by some chance.

3-The same planet that Hyperion was on when his planet was destroy is the same one that Namor is fighting against what looks like the Squadron Supreme

4- Last theory is what is the last of the visions could be the one with the odd looking creatures fighting Stark and Reed. Could these being advance Broods or Something more dangerous than the brood.

(Well hope you like the blog I will make this into a series of blogs about the avengers and new avengers that Hickman is doing and maybe doing some other things that could be connect to this )

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interesting, nice one man

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@anthony_stark: Thanks man if you notice on the top image with stark he is missing his arm which is in front of him on the ground.

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@anthony_stark: I think the next blog is going to be about the Incursions

tell some people about this if you can?

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