Kang - I need a good Kand story

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I've been reading comics since 89, but I never really got into the Avengers for a few years after I started reading. I was pretty much just an X-Men junky, but when The Ultimate line started and I fell in love with the Ultimate X-men and the concept of starting the title over in a more modern type scenerio I jumped on the Ultimates because they shared the same writer. I was etremely impressed. In fact, up until The Dark Angel Saga, the 3rd act to Millars Ultimate run has been my favorite story written years. What ever. I got into the Avengers when Bendis began writing them. Right after Avengers Disassembled. A new Avengers team. A good time to jump onto a title so I did. Just like a lot of us comic reading adults we love our comics so much we watch the cartoons also. Yes, I don't call them animation, they're still cartoons. Anyway. They only time I really had a chance to be really introduced to Kand was thru the show, and right now I really want a good reccomendation on a past Kang story worth reading. I've followed up on the information here and on Wiki, so I don't need and orgin story, or his first appearance. I just want a good Kang story to pick up.

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Sorry I mispelled his name in the title of the forum.

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@InnerVenom123: I already apologized for the misspellig. nice profile pic btw

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Well, to my understanding, many Avengers fans consider 'Kang Dynasty' to be the premier Conqueror story. I've never actually read it before, but people seem to adore this 16-part story. In it, Kang basically conquers the entire world (being the first Marvel villain to do so), and it's considered the swan song of the Busiek-Perez run on the Avengers.

There's also Avengers Forever - a 12-issue series where Avengers from different eras in the team's history (Captain Marvel before his death, Hank Pym when he was Yellowjacket etc) and they team with Kang to go against Immortus...or something like that, I don't really remember. Either way, many love this story as well.

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@Veshark: thanks buddy I'll check them out

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No problem, glad I could help.

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