Do you think the Illuminati will destroy the other Earth?

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Yes, it makes for a better story.  Before that happens though I want to see assloads of other earth heroes and villains attack our earth to try and stop it.

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I think part of why I'm so into this story is that I really could see it going either way, and both intrigue me.

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I don't think so, kind of an UN-heroic thing to do. In the end they'll find a way or Cap will get the time gem back, since it just disappeared and didn't shatter like the rest. Or something.

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ooh, I don't wanna vote because I don't have an opinion, but I kinda wanna vote just to see what other people think..

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I truly believe if left to it, they will. We probably will get a Deus ex machina to prevent this threat from happening. Though, it would be really interesting and truly life/game-changing if the Illuminati do go through with destroying the other planet, and the other universe. Would love to see what happens from there.

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