Captain America and Black widow

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Ok, so I was wonder was Captain America(steve rogers) ever in a romantic relationship with Black widow(Yolena) because from what I could find she was in one with bucky cap. but not steve but in the next avengers movie and in the main comic books it states that captain america(steve) had a son with black widow named james rogers. 
I'm just confused.

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The Next Avengers movie was more or less going off of the Ultimate Avengers movies where in those movies Black Widow and Steve had a thing for one another. But as for in the actual comics, I do not believe Steve and Natasha have every been a couple on any level. Just because Bendis brought the Next Avengers into continuity doesn't mean the two have to have to be together in the current Marvel Universe. The only Cap Black Widow has been with and is still currently with is Bucky.
Also, I think you mean Natasha, not Yelena.

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Well considering those kids come from the future, who knows what happens that could bring Steve and Natasha together. But like War Killer said the original movie is based on the Ultimate movie. If it was based on the Ultimate comic Steve's kid could be anyone from Jane, Natasha, didn't him and that Power Princess chick hook up? What I am getting at is Ultimate Steve Rodgers is a pimp.

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Actually they (steve and natasha) have a relationship. Its more likely according to the multiverses, they never did have a relationship in Earth616 but in Earth-555326 they did have a son, James Rogers.

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They have a relationship in an alternate universe, but not in the mainstream one.

In 616, Buck and Widow do have a relationship though, as you said.

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Strange Kid

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