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I labeled this because it might be tricky to remember the names and symbols, but this is the current Avengers structure. I will updated it when there are more added.

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Are they connected by power level?

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Yeah I don't really get why they're connected where they are. Sure Smasher, Captain Universe and Hyperion are powerhouses like Thor. But what does Manifold have to do with Hawkeye? Did Iron Man really recruit Wolverine, Spider-Man, Cannonball and Sunspot? Are there plans for characters to fill those empty spots?

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This makes no sense.

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@PrinceIMC: @TheCannon: I think they might be sectioned by response teams maybe? Different people for different situations.

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I wonder why Captain America, Iron Man, Manifold, Captain Universe and the upper and lower unannounced members have an extra circle around their symbol. What do they have in common?

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I think they are structured as backups.  A central core avengers team, should any of those core members go missing or be unavailable then their back ups can get the job done in their stead, or at least a reasonable  facsimile.   
Should Thor fall in battle, Hyperion makes a reasonable substitute.  
Should Captain America be injured then Captain Marvel with her military experience makes a reasonable replacement for a tactical leader.   
And so on.

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@Lordhuck: So the core team are the movie Avengers?

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I like the idea of a larger team and the views some express here of the groups being specific back ups or teams for special situations, but I'm not sure about the core team being that of the movies.

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its like smaller groups in a larger command structure. one person would take too long to contact everyone on the team so they split it into smaller groups with a liason into the core of the team.

oh and i thought Cannonball and Sunspots logos should be switched. Sunspot should be the half circle/ night and day things, and Cannonballs should be the the bubbles (representing his combustion powers), but who knows

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