A Very Avengers Christmas

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Its Chritsmas time at the Avengers mansion and everyone is getting ready for the arrival of ol' St Nick. Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe have decorated the tree with care, while Tony Stark builds arc reactor christmas lights. Black Widow and Hawkeye are in the kitchen making cookies for Santa, while Black Panther keeps the egg nog away from Ms. Marvel. Hulk writes a letter to the north pole to say what a good boy he has been this year. The rest are gathered in front of the fire to hear stories from Thor. Later that night after Captain America has put everyone to bed, Spiderman wakes up hearing something stirring on the roof. Peter says "oh boy SANTA!", and sneaks downstairs. Spidey is shocked for its not Santa he sees. Its the grouchy old Thanos at the chimney shoving the tree back up it. Thanos declares "i'm here to steal christmas and there is nothing the Avengers can do about it!" Thanos flies up the chimney while Spiderman sounds the alarm. The Avengers battle Thanos of the roof but he beats them easily. The Wasp says "christmas is lost", but Thor interupts her "Neigh! for look up in the sky its Santa!" Santa jumps from the sleigh and blasts Thanos with glee, upon landing Santa says "Thanos i've made my list and checked it twice, and you've been very naughty".Thor exclaims "by Odin's beard! Odin is Santa". Santa Odin fights Thanos till he runs away. Thanos says "i've brought gifts for all my good little Avengers" For the Hulk a new stress ball to squeeze. Black Widow and Hawkeye got some fuzzy pink hancuffs. Captain America some patriotic bed sheets. Squirrel Girl received a gift basket of exotic nuts. Thor says "Allfather what did you get for me?" Odin says "for you my son i give you my love" Thor starts to pout, and Odin continues "and this box of chocolates shaped like Loki." Odin flies off shouting "merry christmas avengers, merry christmas everyone!"

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Nice one. ^^

Odin is Santa!

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Well, the myth of Santa have received influence from some legends about Odin.

So this is pretty much right.

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@Oscars94 said:

why is Rulk's back so swollen like that?

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Haha, that was quite sweet. :D

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@Asagod said:

Well, the myth of Santa have received influence from some legends about Odin.

So this is pretty much right.


Fun read, thank you for sharing! :) Happy Holidays.

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@sunhawk: LOL. That was a good story. You have a merry Christmas.

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