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Infamous Monsters of Hollywood: Part 3 of 4

Wonder Man is still being forced to work with the Night Shift's leader, Jason Roland, aka the Hangman. They have captured most of the filming crew and equipment from the set of Jason Roland's old film, "The Demon that Devoured Hollywood," but the film has now resumed with US Agent playing the main role. The Hangman decides that they should now kidnap the director of the film and force him to work on the Night Shifts film. Meanwhile Iron Man seeks the help of Doctor Strange, who is dealing with some strange happenings of his own. Doctor Strange has found some strange ectopasmic entities in a dimension that shouldn't even exist and the Avengers will have to wait for his help. The Night Shift make their move on the movie set and take down US Agent, and now with both Agent and Wonder Man as their captives they make a challenge to the Avengers West Coast. They must meet the Night shift in a battle royal that will become the climax to their movie, and if they don't come then they will just film the funeral of Wonder Man and US Agent.

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