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I know when we all first heard of AvX, we thought every battle was going to be as Epic as when Rogue fought Ms.Marvel back in the day. A stunning match, long lasting consequences, and an major rival battle.

Obviously these fights are not as Epic as Rogue vs Ms.Marvel.

Marvel had a better idea with the variant cover rival battles compared to the actual battles.

seeing how (spoiler alert?)

Rogue vs Ms. Marvel became Rogue vs She-Hulk

Black Widow vs Psylocke turned into Black Widow vs Magick and Psylcoke vs Daredevil.

Angel vs Daredevil turned into Angel vs Hawkeye

Magneto vs Iron man stayed the same.

Obviously for this story to be success, we all had high expectations.

Let's voice what we expected. What actually happened. And what we wish will happen now that the story is moving along.

I will go first.

I honestly expected (1st mistake) Storm to have a more conflicting part being an Avenger and X-men and to be some choices and character development. What actually happened: She left the Avengers for X-men (obviously) and mentioned them briefly. Later she got left behind with Magneto and Psylocke in the big fight.. I really thought she was going to let loose on everyone and kick multiple peoples tails. I wish before this event is over she actually makes a difference and wins at LEAST one fight aside from her fight with her husband.. in which I don't entirely agree with..

I also am still crossing my fingers Rogue and Ms.Marvel have another fight again. Those two never get old for me.

I am expecting to see Jean Grey somewhere in the midst of the Phoenix Force... Actually happening.. Hope is Jean's 2nd or 3rd replacement now (Madylene, Rachel) No Jean. Think we will see her? She can still make a major appearance. We still are a bit early into AvX

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The Ms Marvel vs Rogue is going to happen in X-men legacy.

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@broo1232 said:

The Ms Marvel vs Rogue is going to happen in X-men legacy.

Oh Really?? See I thought it was just She-Hulk but this is even better!

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i was hoping the phoenix would end up possessing someone besides Hope, but not the rest of the X-Men present

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You had high expectations for this story? Really? Have you been reading the same Marvel as the rest of us for the last few years?

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