3 Things I am completely not paying attention to

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In many cases not for a lack of effort on my part, I just happened to edit my pull list for the fist time in months and realized how little I'm reading now as opposed to how many titles I was reading just a few months ago. Please feel free to add this blog to your list of things you are completely not paying attention to; I don't consider myself an authority just an observer, a very unobservant, (as of late) observer.

The New 52

Right before the madness I was a regular purchaser of Batman Inc, Dark Knight, Gotham City Sirens, and Power Girl. I never gave much attention to flash so I missed the whole flash had to run fast story that lead to the restart of all these comics, unfortunately all the comics I read were not restarting. I read some of the #1's when they came out, Batman, Superguy, Wonderperson. none of them did anything that I remember as of this typing. Batman Inc has come back so at least I got that going for me.

Avengers Fighting X-Men

I read issue 0, it was decent, Scarlet Witch/Ms. Marvel stuff was alright. After reading through the last 4 issues I just can't suspend this much disbelief anymore. I don't believe half the dialogue coming out of Wolverine, Cyclops, or Captain America's respective mouths. I don't understand any of the motives of any of the participants with the exception of Hope, and her motives are kind of simple. It's a kid playing with his toys but not a kid as creative as Malachai Nicolle.

Here is some believable dialogue, as seen in X-force unfortunately not in AVX
Here is some believable dialogue, as seen in X-force unfortunately not in AVX

The Ultimate's Universe

I really hope none of my favorite writers or artists are working on any of these titles

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whats the point of this

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