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A book for the Family

It always end well when it end well and this lovely book about friendship, corage, fitting in, loyallty and other noble feelings comes to an end with the Pet Avengers saving the dragons and the Avengers and getting to live in the Avengers Mansion. First appearences may be deceiving and even for the mightiest heroes on Earth sometimes these little things get for granted and it´s in the hands (or paws) of the greatest Pet Avengers to remind them that every life is to be preserved. This is a silly book but I really like this series and as long as Ig Guara is behind this title the Pet Avengers can rest sure that they will have a fan. Hairball, Lockjaw, Redwing, Lockheed, Zabu and Ms. Lion, what a wonderful group of heroes and now they have a home to call their own.
4 out 5




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Posted By Silkcuts

Not a huge fan of the last page being featured in this review.... looks like I won't be reading this series any more.

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