How Would You React if Marvel Promised the Characters Will Be Alive at the End?

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This is the first poll I've ever created (and frankly, I think it's stupid you can't enter any text/description when creating a poll...).

I phrased it as clearly as I could. Basically, I've been wondering (and talking with some people), and I wanted a community pulse. I'm one of those folks who hates this book because I'm afraid of characters I love being killed off indefinitely (or even for a while). Some folks loved Mettle, so they aren't even just "afraid." Plenty of people who like the book assume it's virtual reality. And some are only really in it because they see the deaths as a game-changer that makes the book more interesting than it would otherwise be.

So I'm just wondering, given the backlash and diminishing sales, if Marvel were to find some way of guaranteeing that the kids aren't really dying (I'll let you speculate on how, but presuming it could be done in the right way), how would you react?

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@akbogert: If I knew that they'd all come out of it alive? I'd pick up every issue. Happily.

But I'm not going to be paying to watch characters I like being killed off one by one for shock value otherwise.

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*primetime away-from-home bump*

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