should all young hero's permently join the avengers academy?

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X-23 recently joined & it got me thinkin what if more young superhumans joined. like the teens from the young avengers

or young hot headed thunderstrike


or the amazing spidergirl

SPI: Amazing Spider-Girl #2

or even amadaus cho

or xavin

Thats just to name a few but how do you think it would effect the franchise if all the teens joined? what do you think?

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too many characters = no character development.
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@Kairan1979: that is true but when i made this thread i was more so talking about joining the school itsself not necessarily the the one team. multiple teams for one school it just adds to the feeling that its huge school for heroes

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Thunderstrike and Spider-Girl have enrolled at Avengers Academy, they are just two of the many young heroes who don't stay at the Academy full time like the main team

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Not full time, most of the heroes you mentioned are New York heroes so being full-time students on the West Coast would be hard. I like what they're doing now, they've got the core full-time students and anyone else that wants training can rotate in. Some of the Runaways could pop in for a bit, the Runaways and Young Avengers have met several times but I don't think the Young Avengers need any more training. They should be the example the Avengers Academy students strive for. But maybe a nice healthy competition between the teams.

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Just because you are enrolled in the school doesn't mean you have to be in the book. 
The book can focus mainly on the one group.

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Spidergirl is already in the academy. She is shown swinging in the background. I hope if she is used in any meaningful way they explain how she goes from New York (where she lives) to California

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its focused on that main group but their may be some issues where it involves other characters

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There's already a lot but why not?

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