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Review: Avengers Academy #1 0

A new team of teenage Avengers comes together after months of promotion. But is this book any good, or is this something you can sweep under the rug for later?  The Good Preconceived notions be darned! After tons of those "I am in Avengers Academy" which annoyed the living heck out of me, I was ready for a sub-par teenage angst filled, poorly drawn book, and it was nothing like that. Christos Gage, who wrote Avengers: Initiative and Absolution, does a great job of in...

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It's About What I Expected 0

Plot & Action: Christos Gage deviates a bit from the traditional first issue of a team book. We don't see each individual being recruited as we do a mission. Instead, Gage follows one of the new recruits as they're introduced into the world. I appreciate the freshness of such a move in the midst of all these new team books. We're essentially intoduced to the team and staff here. There's a twist at the end that makes this book somewhat more intriguing.Character Work: There's a lot of expositi...

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Avengers Academy Issue 1 0

Ah. A new age is upon us, and with every week I'm given more hope that things will continue to climb. Last weeks Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Secret Avengers before it, and Avengers before that. It's such a great time to be a comic fan. Christos Gage is back with what may as well be the Initiative 2.0, and it feels good.  The issue started off with Cloud 9 2.0 (An Initiative favorite), aka Veil, going through what I'm assuming is the last day of her previous school. She becomes the issues focal poi...

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Better than I expected.... 0

Let's  get this out of the way: This is not the best Heroic Age book out there. I'd rank it above Hawkeye and Mockingbird, and MAYBE above a few recent Deadpools, but that's about it. That said, it's an astoundingly well written book, considering we're dealing with basically five new characters, an Initiative reject, and a kind of Avenger's B-team of teachers. To be honest, I picked up this book strictly because Speedball was in it . I love the character, and his growth doesn't disappoint. As fo...

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Strong Premise, Weak Everything Else 0

The main problem with Avengers Academy when Marvel first announced it was people wondering what the point of it was. The Marvel Universe already has the Young Avengers, and comic universes really aren't big enough for redundant teams. Redundant is exactly what Avengers Academy appeared to be, at first. This looked to be nothing more than another team of young Avengers. I'm happy to say that in this first issue Christos Gage reveals a premise for this team that sets it apart from the Young Avenge...

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The Police- oops, I mean the Avengers Academy review 0

Another Avengers Comic, with alot of promising hype. I knew I was going to end up getting mad at this comic when they mentioned an introduction of a character that displayed autism or spectrum disorder, I knew they were going to get their resources all jacked up and only from a movie, two movies infact.  One complaint was having heavy powered individuals on the team that limits them using their powers during the training excersise, but its amazing that its a complaint because the end of this co...

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Avengers Academy #1 (Permanent Record Part #1) 0

All this continued hoopla of "I am an Avenger" must mean that there should be some good stories coming out of it, right? BM Bendis proved us readers right with Avengers #1 and New Avengers #1, as well as Brubaker's Secret Avengers #1. So could Christos N. Gage muster the same degree of success? Let's find out.  The GoodThe recruits' origins are brief and to the point, which is what about the only good thing I can find about this issue, as well as introducing the teachers in this academy. The art...

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Not Young Avengers but has potential 0

With the start of the Heroic Age, it seems that Marvel has realized that it has been lacking in the young superhero teams. While “Young Allies” pulled from their stable of existing characters, “Avengers Academy” took a different approach by introducing five new super-powered kids.Penned by Christos Gage (Avengers: The Initiative), the first issue of “Avengers Academy” is told from the viewpoint of Maddy “Veil” Berry, a girl who can turn into a gaseous state. Her internal monologue gives a...

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A Boring Start 0

Nothing impresses me here.  This first issue feels like the first 10 minutes of a movie, after the opening action scene.  We just meet the characters, are introduced to some drama between the members and then it's over. That's it.  The only action is in the training room.  I do appreciate good writing in comic books - but it's still about super powered heroes, in my opinion the first issue should be at least 50% action and we should be introduced to some villain or disaster - even if it is for a...

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The next generation of heroes are screwed up. 0

To me there were 2 reasons i started reading this comic in the first place.1)I just dropped Felicia D. Henderson's Teen Titans because i coundn't take anymore of that terrible comic and i needed another teen book and it was before i got my first volume of the Runuways.2) i needed to read more Marvel books so any new series from the Heroic Age was a good place to start.    The Story :In the first issue we meet all of our students and their abilites.Veil who can transform in different gasses,Hazma...

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Avengers Academy… ASSEMBLE! (cliché, I know) 0

I’ve been lazy recently with some of my comic book reading. The first issue of Avengers Academy came out and I was pumped. A new Avengers series written by Christos Gage. Awesome! I was ready for that. However, after reading the first issue, I just didn’t pick up the others. Not because I didn’t want to, I just… didn’t. I guess I got sidetracked. Now that a few issues have come out, and other things aren’t distracting me, I was able to catch up on what these other teen Avengers are up to (espec...

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This issue marks the beginning of an amazing journey! Taking in the story from Maddy's perspective is exciting and shows that you're not the only one learning the new environment and faces. The inner dialogue provided by Gage is hilarious and intriguing, and Maddy is lovable from the very first issue. I highly encourage sitting and reading at least the first few arcs (love Permanent Record, but Fear Itself tie-in has A LOT of character development)....

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