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Red Hulk smashed?

Avengers #7
I'm not going to lie, I have been very excited for this issue to come because the adds for this issue said Red Hulk was joining the team. Well that didn't really happen in this issue, in fact not a lot really happened in this issue. Bendis throws us into the next story arc that we don't know too much about. If you were wondering what happened to Wonder Man and want to see him then your in luck although he's not in it for too long. Anyway the Avengers are about to face off against Infinity. Red Hulk makes a very short appearance in this issue and is taken down by Infinity. 
The Good! 
I really do like the idea of this new story. I think that this issue opens up some pathways towards a good story with the possibilty of Red Hulk working with the Avengers, a different villain, and what not. The action scenes were pretty cool. I loved the beginning scene in the mountains, I thought the art looked great. What I like most about Romita Jr.'s art is how he does the luster to Iron Man's armor. I think he does that very well. 
The Bad! 
Bendis just kind of threw us into the agenda of the villain and I feel like that causes confusion. I like starting out in the point of view of the main characters not from a totally different character's point of view. This issue did not live up to the hype of Red Hulk's appearance because he was barely in the issue and was knocked around. Some of the Avengers didn't even know there was a Red Hulk which I was suprised about because isn't the Red Hulk suposed to become the new member? Romita Jr.'s art was insanely frustrating in this issue. The backgrounds were lacking a lot of detail and certain characters looked awkward.  
The conclusion! 
This issue wasn't horrible but it wasn't that good. I say do not pick up! I give this issue a 3 out of 5.

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